Indianfield Campground
306 Old Colchester Road, Salem, CT 06420
Community Events and Executive Board Meetings
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The Social Committee

The Social Committee plans and organizes the social events for the campground.  There are never enough volunteers to help out at events and planning future activities.  They are all fun for kids and adults too!

Contact Cheryl Juhasz at Site #52 for more information.

The Garden Club

The Indianfield Garden & Beautification Club meets seasonally in May, June, September and October.  Join us on Sundays at 10:00am in the Game Room to share ideas, perennials, and help to maintain common area gardens to spruce-up and beautify Indianfield Co-operative Campground.

Contact Joan Sansone at Site #120 for more information.

The History of Indianfield Campground
by Chris Bennett         

  1. 1918: The Beginning
    1918: The Beginning
    Left: Octania and Henry Kendall As far as the records go back, and as far as anyone can remember, or have heard say from their families, the land which Indianfield Cooperative Campground sits on has changed hands numerous times since the early 1900's. On April 26, 1918, John G. Keke and Lillian S. Butterfield purchased the property. They were soon to be married, but the marriage never occurred. The Norwich Savings Society of Norwich released and discharged a certain mortgage from Henry V. Kandelky and Octania R. Kandelky (husband and wife). On May 6, 1922, the Kandelky's changed their legal name to Kendall.
  2. Kendall Knolls:
1919 - 1940
    Kendall Knolls: 1919 - 1940
    Left: Henry Kendall (Wagon Driver) In 1919, Octania Kendall sold the property (173 acres) to Jessie M. Fullington of Brooklyn, New York. Later in the year, Octania Kendall bought back 58 acres. The couple changed the name of their property to Kendall Knolls. According to the Town of Salem's Zoning Board of Appeals minutes (dated January 28, 2010), the Kendall Knolls property is also known for the current day Forest Drive area in Salem (Forest Drive is one street over from Indianfield towards the South).
  3. Camp Seminole:
    Camp Seminole: 1940-1969
    Left: Kids playing at Camp Seminole In the early 1940's, Kendall Knolls was turned into a boys' club based out of New York City. It cannot be confirmed that the boys' club and the Boys' Club of New York City (BCNY since 1876) are one in the same. The name was changed from Kendall Knolls to Camp Seminole. Camp Seminole had a Quest Lodge with 20 rooms and a private bath, 22 cabins, a Mess Hall, an Infirmary, 2 Bungalows, and a large Recreation Hall. This Recreation Hall is in fact the same building which we call our Old Tribal Hall.
  4. The Start of Indianfield:
1969 - 1982
    The Start of Indianfield: 1969 - 1982
    Left: Joe and Ernestine Leiteo In 1969, Joe and Ernestine Leiteo purchased the property and changed the name to The Luna Beach Club Inc. Plans for a campground started in 1972 and was approved in 1974 after great opposition from the Town of Salem. The name was once again changed. This time to Indianfield Campground. Indianfield Campground started with just 23 campsites.
  5. The Move To A
Cooperative: 1988
    The Move To A Cooperative: 1988
    In 1982, Preston Jump and investors (A.P.J - M.D.) purchased the campground from the Leiteo's. The campground continued to grow to its present day size of 228 campsites. In 1988, the property changed to an Association and it began to sell parcels of land to individual owners. The name changed to Indianfield Cooperative Campground. The campground had (and currently retains) 213 owner sites with 15 rental sites, 47 acres of property (more or less) and 900 feet of water frontage.
  6. A Change In Management: 2016
    A Change In Management: 2016
    Left: Larry and Molly Harrington Prior to 1988, Larry Harrington (and later on, his wife Marlene [Molly] Harrington) managed Indianfield Campground under owners Preston Jump and Michael Dilaj and retained their management positions under the new Co-operative. Larry and Molly co-managed Indianfield for 32 years before retiring at the end of the 2016 season.
Historical Videos
The Renovations of 1988-1989
Indianfield Campground changed over to a Cooperative in 1988.  Between the 1988 and 1989 seasons, the association renovated the entire property to accomodate the newly zoned campsites.  This included running water and electrical lines, creating a boat launch, enhancing roads, landscaping the grounds, and much more.  View these priceless images and hear the voices of some of the very first campers.
Larry and Molly's Retirement 
Larry and Molly Harrington managed Indianfield for 32 years before retiring in 2016.  A slideshow was made for their retirement dinner to showcase all of the wonderful memories we shared with them.